Our strength and wellness gym helps you rehab your injuries and build performance for life.

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We are more than just a gym. We are a new movement that works with you, to build longevity.

We believe everyone deserves a life that is full of opportunities you can say “yes” to.

Too often, we see clients who have been let down by a traditional approach that does little more than offer short-term pain relief. Our personalised approach that we employ focus on delivering a life full of experiences and opportunities.

Unity is a hybrid Osteopathy, Strength and Wellness company aimed at helping people move better, longer, and with less pain. As a team we are committed to bringing movement to as many people as possible through whatever avenue works best for them. That’s why we are not a one size fits all approach.

Happy Clients

After working with Unity, I’m rethinking my entire approach to health and fitness. Not only learning to train, but also to live more intentionally.

For the first time, I feel strong, capable and I feel like myself


Artist, had shoulder pain

This time last year, I was unable to put my own jumpers on, reach the top shelf, just barely getting by with the dreams of running again.

Thanks to Unity, I’m a happier, healthier person for myself and my family – and I’m running 2x a week, can do more with my body than I have been able to do for the past 10 years.


Retired, scoliosis and had chronic back and shoulder pain

How to work with us

Rehab your injury

If you are fed up with short term solutions, quick fix massages and half assed results, we are WITH you. Rehabilitating an injury is an intentional process. It is not 3×15 reps of banded exercises and see how it goes. That’s not long term improvements.

When we work on rehabilitating an injury, we don’t guess anything. We work with you to understand you, the whole you and to develop even more understanding of your injury and it’s history. We create an individualised programme to follow with us and at home to guide and support you the entire way. With regular retests we ensure you are kept on the path to recovery ready to work on your health and performance.

Optimise your health & improve your performance

You don’t have severe back or knee pain, but you have had a few niggles and pains here and there which have meant you’ve been on the treatment couch every few months.

You have been on the injury rest massage return injury repeat cycle and you’re bored with not getting results from all your hard work. You’ve been going to group classes and not feeling like you aren’t working on what your body is aching to work on.

You are you. The person next to you doesn’t have the same history or goals as you. So why train the exact same as them?

You are ready to go all in on your health and work on your performance for the long haul.

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