Are you striving for that long term change?

“I’m more confident and competent on bigger lifts, that’s a massive game changer that will stay with me for a long time.” – Michael

Our 1-1 Rehabilitation coaching offers you a completely personalised and structured online coaching service based around your movement patterns and goals. It is perfect for anyone looking to recover from an injury, not make an injury worse or just want a more structured and focussed training to follow and for those who want to stop using your aches and pains control your progress or dictate what you can or cannot do.

Your programme is offered through an interactive online service, weekly movement feedback to get the most out of your time together, an exercise library and the weekly check in’s for accountability with your Osteopath & coach, Jessica.

This is different to most online coaching packages you’ll see online. It is structured to you, your body, your story. Jess will target the reason why you have been in pain, why you have plateaued and what you want your outcome to be. 

Your programme and support from Jessica will get you stronger and enable you to stop using your pains to dictate your daily life. 

“Not injuring myself once during the program and now knowing how to attack a lift this has given me not only PR’s but has flowed through so I can now work on strict hand stand push ups and my cardiovascular work hasn’t suffered.”

Get the individualised attention you need to improve your health and overcome chronic pains or old injuries with a custom training plan and coaching from an Osteopathic perspective.

The details:

  • Initial consultation to assess where you’re at and what your goals are
  • A performance and rehabilitation programme designed specifically for you, with your injury and medical history in mind 
  • Weekly check-ins on progress and improvements
  • Movement video feedback 

The investment: £250 per month

*Minimum 3 month commitment

Let’s find out how strong you really are! 

Once accepted you will receive an invite to book our first call together.

“I don’t wake up in pain anymore, I understand my body and what it needs”

“The plan was rock solid, service all inclusive and a complete game changer for life. I’m more confident and competent on bigger lifts, that’s a massive game changer that will stay with me for a long time.”


“Literally shocked at how much stronger I feel”


“I’ve build my confidence, significantly improved my squat, increased my strength and I can now touch my toes! I am pain free.”