We have a new website!


What a job this was, just like anything in life and worth doing, it’s always a bigger task than you first think. This has been a working progress for a long time, maybe because we were focussing on our patients in our Colchester clinic offering Osteopathy and Sports Massage, especially supporting them through the past year which has been a little – what’s the word – unprecedented?

This being a WordPress website, apparently made it harder to design – great. But we used this because it’s relationship with Google, and seeing as that’s where a lot of you will find us that’s what we went with.

We had uniform printed, we had photoshoots done and planning the website and the copy.

We had the pleasure of using Jageto Embroidery & Print for our uniform, they are great quality and we will be getting more in soon, plus some more for our athletes to showcase.

Our photoshoot was done by the very talented Grace Elizabeth Photography, who is based in both Devon and Essex. We used her because her style of photography, seemed very natural and welcoming. We didn’t want it to be so clean and cut that we didn’t seem like real people. Why would you want to come and see us if we didn’t seem approachable right?

Anyway, we did all the ground work and we finally put it all together and now it is out into the world for you all to see! I’m sure that there will be a few tweaks, improvements here and there of course, but so far – we are proud of it!

Our aim is for it to be easy to read, easy to navigate and clear in our messaging to you, if there’s any constructive feedback for us please let us know, we are all here to grow and develop!

We can’t wait to hear from you – reach out to us soon online, in the clinic or on our socials!

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